Lady Mojo are the 2020 Women’s Open champs!

Check out the 2019 Women’s Open results.






The Women’s Open used a hybrid of Pickup’s 7v7 co-ed rules and the Flag Football World Championship World Tour’s 7v7 Screen rules:

  • Snapper eligible
  • Defense may rush immediately
  • Rusher must line up one yard from the line of scrimmage; any defensive player directly over the center must be four yards back
  • Quarterback can run immediately whether defense rushes or not
  • Offensive players may screen rushers; no blocking or screening allowed down field or on interception returns
  • Screen Blocking:
    • Per FFWCT rules: “Shall be defined as obstructing the rusher’s path to the quarterback or ball carrier, as long as it is done behind the L.O.S., with any part of the body except head, hips, and legs. There can be no independent movement of the elbows.
    • Techniques: The screener must use one of the two following methods: 1) Screener must have their thumbs hooked in their pants and holding the flag belt with each hand OR 2) Screener must hold their arms behind their back with arms locked together in some manner. A screener may not leave their feet to screen.”
  • Rushing:
    • Per FFWCT rules: “a. Rushing is defined as the act of a defensive player pursuing the offensive player who is in possession of the ball.
      b. The rusher may not run over the screener. The rusher may not pull the screener toward them or push the screener away from them.”
    • A penalty will be automatically called if the rusher touches the screener’s head as long as the screener is screening upright. In general, screeners and rushers should aim to avoid contact.